Tuesday’s Top 10: Christmas Films

As a child I would get very excited for Christmas, now in my late twenties and being without children (I intend to keep it that way), that “Christmassy feeling” escapes me more and more as the years pass. So, in order to somewhat recapture that feeling every year, I have my go to Christmas films... Continue Reading →


Tuesday’s Top 10: Music Films

Music and cinema are my two favourite things, so compiling today's list has been a lot of fun. I have put together my favourite music films that either celebrate music or musicians, whether they be biopics, mockumentaries or just plain fiction. Enjoy... 10. School of Rock (2003) After being kicked out of his band and losing... Continue Reading →

Tuesday’s Top 10: Zombie Films

Continuing on with our Halloween themed Top 10 articles I decided to write a post on my favourite Zombie films. Surprisingly, if you limit yourself to genuine Zombie films i.e. people who are actually reanimated from the dead, the selection isn’t great. Well not for my tastes anyways. So, this list will be of films... Continue Reading →

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