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Hi, I’m Nancy.

I like films, a lot. It is something I probably get too excited about. I’m one of those people that get really annoyed if I’m watching a film with you and you dare take your eyes off the screen to respond to a text message. I quite frequently submit my husband to a film by film breakdown of the Alien franchise and why I love it. I know he loves me because he sits and listens to the whole thing. I used to be one of those people that could recite lines from films, but now I am at the stage in my life where I can’t remember what I had for breakfast. So that doesn’t happen so often now.

I’m lucky to have a family that are passionate about film too, every time I see them the question will inevitably arise, “have you seen any good films recently?”. My answer is usually no, because I’m picky like that.

Unlike our other editor, Al, I am not quite as committed as him to film watching, but film is still very important in my life. Much like music, I would be very unhappy without it. I am difficult to please, and mostly I find it is unlikely that I will be a fan of overly hyped big blockbuster type films. I enjoy most genres of films, except chick flicks…sorry, not sorry. And I am usually in favour of independent, British or foreign film. Action films with lots of unnecessary explosions usually have the opposite effect than intended on me, I get bored. Unless it’s a Robert Rodriguez film.

Also, jump scares are overdone.

In college, I did Film Studies in which we mostly screwed around and spent entirely too much time on Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. That is about as much expertise as I have in film analysis, but I don’t think that matters when I am so passionate about watching, analysing and discussing films. I get a lot of enjoyment from really breaking down and debating with other people about why a film is good or not. So, I hope you know that my opinion is that of someone who is truly excited about what they are doing.


Hi, I’m Alasdair. I find it agreeable to be referred to as Al.

The only question that really needs addressing is “Why should you care about my opinion on movies?”
And the short answer is, because I am an expert. That is if you accept Malcolm Gladwell’s definition of spending 10,000 hours doing something making you an expert. And while that theory gets regularly shit upon for being inaccurate, I have faith in it, because by any conservative estimate it would make me a double expert.
I spent a year or so doing Media Studies at college. And although that gave me a good base understanding of how to appreciate film, I eventually quit to do something more worthwhile. Namely, take drugs and watch movies all day.
On my birthday in 2009 I made the bold claim that I would watch every film that came out at the cinema that year. I would eventually add the condition of not foreign language films, but I got through them all. That year gave us “Bolt”, “Hotel for Dogs”, “Marley and Me” and “Beverley Hills Chihuahua”. No other year has seen as many films made about dogs. Feel free to check.

But as bad as two of those films were, that didn’t stop me. In fact the biggest problem I had that year was waiting for the films to be released.

In 2011 I decided that I would now make sure I had seen every movie made since 2000 (on wide release, listed on Wikipedia). And for the most part I have. Although still sitting on a folder of about 80 films that I can’t quite bring myself to put on. There’s just something about titles like “Water for Elephants” or “Salmon Fishing in the Yemen” that make my oesophagus close up.

But I made it through “New York Minute” and “Catch that Kid”, so I’ll get there eventually. To date, those are hands down the worst films I’ve ever seen. I don’t even like children, but would happily give my life in protest for their right to not have such shitty films forced upon them.

Since putting that mission on the back-burner, I’ve gone back to 1982, and working through the top rated 100 films from each year.

My personal records include watching all 20 (at that time) Bond films in the three day Easter bank holiday weekend of 2003. I now watch them all at least once a year. In 2016 I toured around Europe specifically to have my picture taken at recognisable Bond locations so now when I watch them I can be super annoying and say “I’ve been there”, because just reciting lines isn’t annoying enough.
My daily best is 9 movies back to back, one Sunday in Highgate.
My daily cinema best is 4 back to back. That was in New York, shortly after I’d walked for 2 hours to eventually realise that Patrick Bateman’s address was fictional.

What I’m trying to prove is that I really fucking love movies. And while our tastes may vary, you’ll at least have to understand that I my opinions come from a mind that has seen the whole spectrum of movies.


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