Welcome to CINENARC, a place to discuss film. This blog features content such as reviews of films old and new, top 10 lists, essays, and much more. We aim to provide a positive environment to discuss our love of film, disagreements are inevitable, this is why our comment section is moderated. Civilised debate is welcome... Continue Reading →

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Friday’s Favourite: The Omen (1976)

It’s October. That means there has to be a focus on horror movies. Because statistically in the western world most people do their unprotected fucking around Christmas time, meaning there’s an abundance of fresh babies out in the world right about now. And what is more terrifying than the thought of having children? Accidentally adopting... Continue Reading →

Monday’s Unpopular Opinion: Tom Cruise

Recently I have been bombarded by variation memes that tell me “You’ve heard of Elf on a Shelf, now…” and there’s two pictures clumsily edited together whose subjects rhyme, sometimes. These have confused and frustrated me because most of the time the things don’t actually rhyme, or they’re so obscure it’s obviously an in-joke that... Continue Reading →

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